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From Klaipeda to Nida and back 

So in the morning I’ve started my trip finally with my recumbent bike and took the small ferry to the spit – with many school kids who went to the delfinarium.

After having left the crowded space I’ve entered the national park which had an outstanding beauty. This day the weather wasn’t so good and therefore the sensations where – let’s say medium but really nice. 

You cycle along the dunes for about 54 km and find great options to climb the dunes to have a great view. So after cycling nearly to Nida I had the strange feeling that the suspension is really soft – but thankfully it was just a flat tire and as it was only a small hole I could make my way to the campingsite. 

In the evening I met a swiss couple who do a really great trip for one year around Europe and perhaps they will make their winter holidays in Marrokko. So their where many stories to tell and we sat around our tents, cook some pasta and had a great view in the evening from the nearby dune. 

On the next morning we had together our breakfast with real espresso and decided to cycle together to Klaipeda as we had the same way. So we visited the Grey Dune and could see the Russian Federation not far away. 

We continued our journey accompanied by great sunshine and 25 degrees and I got a sunburn. 

The cyclepath is known in that area as the best part of the whole journey between London and St Petersburg and we enjoyed it very much.

So we reached the small ferry I had yesterday already and drove over to Klaipeda where we had  a short look to the city as the both hadn’t seen the city before. They wanted to go to a hostel and I continued after saying good bye to the next campingsite, about 10 km away. Cycling through woods again it was a real pleasure. But – the couple had to follow me as the hostel was fully booked and we sat together again. In our neighborhood there were two camper also from Switzerland so we sat together and they invited us for an absolut great dinner – wonderful. They made a BBQ, we had delicious wine and a good beer…after a while a french guy came along and we started a talk with him – so finally this day finished again at 11 pm – and now the blog is written and I can fall asleep in my huge tent… 

Let’s go to Lithuania! 

Finally I’ve started my trip with the longest preparation time I’ve made till today. I hop on the local trains to Munich where I’ve had my traditional beer with a cold pice of pizza and jumped on the Nightjet train to Hamburg. 

Waking up on Tuesday morning there was rain – like it was predicted. I took the a train to Kiel and cycled to a small bicycle shop where I’ve ordered already a spare mirror for my bike as there where no ones in the shops around my home to get in that short time. 

Having some hours to wait in rainy Kiel I’ve had a look around and found the Nautical Museum including the nearby town museum. Very interesting to find out some facts about ships, the history and the present. 

Now the time had come to go to the harbour to check in. Many lorries where already waiting and a bicycle. I met an older lady who’ve made so many trips in her life so the 2 1/2 h just went by with many stories. 

On the ship I’ve had a wonderful cabin for my own with a shower and after cultivating myself again there was a great dinner and some outstanding views of the harbour of Kiel departing Germany. 

The sun came out and so we had some wonderful views of the coastline and later on a good lithuanian beer at the bar. 

This morning after having a great breakfast we had a little bit of sunshine and finally in the afternoon we arrived at the harbour of Klaipeda in Lithuania. 

After having left the ferry I’ve met a really friendly couchsurfing couple with a great dog and a 6 year old kid and they showed me around the old town of Klaipeda and its history – absolutely fabulous! 

So tomorrow I’m going to take a small ferry to the curonian spit and do my first real cycling day down to the south to Nida where I’m going to camp one night – looking forward to this great adventure! 

Part one – starting my trip in Lithuania and exploring Latvia

After enjoying the new austrian NightJet to Hamburg I´m going to jump on an overnight ferry to Klaipeda – a new experience to me. I´ve booked this one already in December including the meals – and as those ferries doesn´t use clean energy I´m going to compensate the CO² I´ll produce by making this journey.
So here you can do this also – your car, flight or ship cruise…

Compensate your CO² with atmosfair – certified by the Kyoto protocol

The first night in Lithuania will be with a Couchsurfing.com family and this I´d like to recommend to you as you will get to know the people of the country you visit.
Next day will be already one of the highlights of the tour – the Curonian Spit heading towards Nida where I´m going to camp.


Heading north I will cross the border to Latvia following the west coast of the Baltic Sea I´ll enjoy another night on a campingsite. Passing Liepaja and Jurkalne I´m going to head eastwards to Riga. Here I´m going to stay for two nights on the central campingsite and explore that great city with its architectural hightlights.

Entering the Gauja Nationalpark by train as there are no safe cyclepaths Sigulda will be the first town on my list. Here you´ll find a fantastic park with an outstanding beauty and biodiversity – I´m looking forward to these two days spending in this area.

Passing Cesis the next border will be at Valga entering the third country – Estonia.