This blog is about a 4-weeks-journey wich will start in Mai 2017 with my recumbentbike from Lithuania to Russia.

After a journey in the NightJet to Hamburg I´m going to start my great trip with an overnight ferry-journey to Klaipeda/Lithuania.
Here I´m going to meet a Couchsurfing family who will welcome me for the first night and on the next day I will hopefully cycle along the Curonian Spit on a sunny day down to Nida.

Now my journey really starts as I keep on following the long-distance cycle path
EuroRoute R 1 which will take me to St. Petersburg in Russia.

After less than 100 km I´ll enter Latvia and visit Liepaja with its ancient town. I´ll follow the coast for a while, have another overnight-stay in my fabulous tent and than heading eastwards to Riga, the capitol. Here I will stay for two nights having a closer look to the old town and enjoying the nightlife.

Next I´m going to take the train for a short trip to Sigulda which is located in the fantastic national parc of Gauja. In this I´ll stay for two days as you can find here an outstanding nature and some caves.

Leaving the national parc I´m going to cross the border entering Estonia in Valga.
Following the route eastwards to the Lake Peipus I will have a look at the old villages along this coast. In the north of the lake there is a bird protection area I´d like to visit.

Finally I will cross the last border on this trip – at Narwa I enter Russia cycling another two days to Petergof where I´d like to visit the famous castle.

Taking a train for just another short trip I´ll reach the destination of this journey –
St. Petersburg in Russia.

I´m going to stay for 4 nights in a small Hostel and will discover this wonderful and outstanding city with its history and architecture.

So after all this there will be a overnight-ferry to Helsinki and another one back to Germany the following day. In Lübeck I´ll have a last night in the youthhostel in the old town center and on the next day I´ll arrive at home at about midnight.

Looking forward to this great journey with it´s beaches and oldtowns…

Find an interactive map on www.eurovelo.com

For the new interactive map with 17 long distance cycle routes visit


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