The long way back home from St Petersburg 

So after a last night in my cosy hostel I took my time to find the way to the harbour where St. Peterline ferries leave Russia. As I was already used to it I preferred the wide pedestrian ways and reached the terminal – of course in my wonderful rainclothes. 

Crossing the border control with my huge luggage was no problem so I took a shower in my cabin and enjoyed a last russian beer and phoning to german friends. 

As we left St Petersburg we’ve had the last views to the harbour of this great town.

Enjoying dinner in the evening I had to go to bed early as we approached Helsinki at 08:00 h – so breakfast was already at 06:30 h and it was a real pleasure to see the first small islands short before we arrived in Finnland. 

As the ferry from Russia arrived in the central harbour I had to cycle about 20 km out of town to another terminal but it was a really nice trip as I’ve had wonderful sunshine, perfect cyclepaths and a great landscape. 

Having enough time to go there I explored Helsinki – great city worth coming back to have a closer look.

And finally I had the chance to make a rest next to a small lake in the sun – enjoyed it so much after having cold and rainy weather… 😬 

After check in we had to wait about 2 1/2 h for boarding and there were german bikers I could talk to who had been traveling also to Latvia and Estonia. 

So next day we arrived in time in Lübeck in the late evening and I took a regional train into the city where my youth hostel was booked a long time ago. Great place to stay. 

But – having a look for the train next day the ticket machine told me that the train will be in time – but without a cycle compartment. Great! 😀 So on the next day a friendly lady at the ticket office told me I had to take the night train as the day trains where fully booked – with bicycles. But it was great fun as I met a cyclist from Lübeck who was starting his trip to Italy and a girl from Hamburg so we enjoyed this trip talking about recent and coming up trips. 

So finally I’ve reached my destination Traunstein 23 h later but with an huge backpack full of stories of this trip  – great to have done it!

In the end I’d like to thank all the friendly people I’ve met on this tour for accompany me and having a good time together – it was a real pleasure to hear new stories from around the world and get to know people from many corners of this cool planet! 

Thanks also again for your donations for ‘ doctors without borders’ – a great help for humans in need! 

See you soon on the road – enjoy the summer!

One thought on “The long way back home from St Petersburg ”

  1. Oh hey! I was on this ferry too, not so long ago. What an excellent way to see some major cities around the Baltic Sea, don’t you agree?


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