3 days in Petersburg 

So this is the final evening before starting my way back to Germany – and of course the forecast for tomorrow says rain… 

So on my first day off I’ve been visiting Peterhof and its fountains and taking the way back to the town by a fast (old) boat.

Yesterday there was an overview of the city on the plan which lead me along the Newski Prospekt where my hostel is situated to the Isaak Cathedral and to the river Neva. Here I’ve visited a part of the Eremitage which is called Glavnyy Shtab. 

And – as a must-see for an cyclist on the Euroroute R1 – I’ve visited the starting point of this international long-distance cyclepath – the main post office. 

So after a long day walking I jumped again in this pulsing city to have dinner and later on the evening you’ll find young musicians on the pedestrian – absolutely fabulous! 

Finally today I went into the Eremitage again but this time I’ve chosen the main building called Winter Palace. It took me about 2 hours to visit one part with an audio guide and afterwards I had booked a guided tour which lasted another 2 1/2 hours – but we were just a group of 3 so it was perfect. 

Now I was really finished but the Isaak Cathedral had to be seen as tomorrow I’m going to go into the opposite direction. Unfortunately I was a little bit late so I couldn’t visit the roof of it – but I’m not sure if I even would have been physically able to do it… 😬 

So tomorrow afternoon I’m going to catch the St Peterline ferry to Helsinki overnight, cycling out of town about 20 km to another harbour and take the ferry to Travemünde/Germany. Here I am going to sleep also in a hostel and take the train on monday morning back to my hometown which I’ll reach about at midnight – forecast says thunder and rain….:-o 


7 thoughts on “3 days in Petersburg ”

      1. Verständlich, auch wenn ich gerne ein bike-up mit Liegerad gesehen hätte ;). Mit einem Liegerad wäre es mir in St. Petersburg auch zu gefährlich. Die russischen Autofahrer sind ja nicht auf Fahrräder eingestellt. Und auf Liegeräder schon gar nicht.

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  1. Michael hello!) I’m the guy you met on the border with Russia)) I saved your link in the phone, and with great pleasure I read your story about this trip! It is a pity that you did not manage to get on the roof of St. Isaac’s Cathedral … but there will be an excuse to come to us again, and see other interesting places!)
    And I also successfully completed my journey) I drove to Tallinn, and then I visited the Åland Islands by ferry. Very beautiful and peaceful place! Many bike paths, not that in Russia))
    If suddenly you again want to visit St. Petersburg, then be sure to let me know. I’ll be happy to show up and show the city!)
    my e-mail: borduzhenko@mail.ru

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