Cycling through hail, rain, sun and wind 

Cycling day 12/85 km

That morning started unbelievable – the sun was shining into my room in a wonderful wooden house and I had my breakfast on the terrace. 

But – after everything was packed I made just 2 km and a heavy shower started. So I changed my clothes about 4 times as it had  cold 8 degrees), fast wind of course from the front, sometimes wonderful sunshine – and than hail! 

So around midday there was a good opportunity to have a coffee and a sweat. 

After that the known game continued so I made lunch in Avinurme where you can see an old train and a small museum of the region. As it got even colder the museum was very welcome to me…

Finally I can book a – let’s say guest house – with the charme of the early 70s – but I’m sitting in front of the real heat and could cook my dinner in the owners kitchen as I’m the only guest – would could you expect more from a ‘summer holiday’… 😬 

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