From Räpina to Tartu and a day off 

Cycling day 10/73 km – Rest day 2

As I’ve started my trip yesterday a little bit late after talking to the other cyclists I found after only 15 km the perfect place to have a coffee and – again – marvelous biscuits. The tour for today was described as lonesome and boring but to be honest it was more interesting than cycling through the Gauja National Park. 

On my way the weather wasn’t that nice so I caught the opportunity to get 2 heavy rainshowers…but the city of Tartu was worth the ride. I got a room in the new Hector Design Hostel and by coincidence there was a medicine student so we went out for a beer and discussed the situation in Estonia for the people and the patients. 

The old town of Tartu is great and you can feel the vibrations of students life and the open minded people. 

So today the cyclist I’ve met two days ago showed me around the city and it was marvelous to have a local guide who grow up here. In the afternoon I’ve been exploring myself the town and a highlight was the observation tower.

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