Exploring the land of the Seto

Cycling day 10/95 km

So I’ve started yesterday from my small bungalow taking the last time a gravel road…but soon I came to the former bishops castle and old border to Russia.  There used to be a miracle so many pilgrims came here from across Europe to heal their wounds or get other miracles. 

After a few kilometres there was already the next highlight – a wooden watchtower. And I was so glad to have a clear sky so you’ve had a fantastic view around the region – and St Petersburg is not so far 😉 

I continued my trip through the land of the Seto with their interesting culture and even an own language and passed of course the futuristic station in the middle of nowhere – Orava. 

So in the end I finished my cycling day in Räpina and met the first cyclists doing the R1 – but in the other direction. 

3 thoughts on “Exploring the land of the Seto”

  1. finally I found someone who did it!!
    I’ve been looking for info about the route from Narva to St Petersburg, any advice, comment???!!
    is there a way to get in touch via email as I have many questions??



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