Welcome to Estonia! 

Mo Cycling day 9/92 km

Well this is the third country I’m visiting and it welcomed me after the inspiring hostel with some positive highlights…

The cyclepaths were better than the street (only once) but the best of all – there are signposts for cyclists and the first time on the whole journey the ‘R 1` is also mentioned!

So I cycled along fantastic landscapes on good roads (even the 12 km of gravel were better to cycle than in Latvia) – and my phone connects again like in Lithuania automatically with the net – very chilled now…

So I knew already that my path will lead me to Rõuge where a campingsite also offers bungalows – and as I’m still not really fit I phoned already in the morning to check this – and it’s great! Just 15,- €!

I’ve seen also on my map that there is an Information Centre but didn’t know exactly what about. Well, it’s about the region in the past and a newly built watch tower with 2 platforms in 18 and 27 m height.


On my way back to the campingsite there is also a small museum about the 100 year old water mill – so the owner of this and the camping allowed me to have a short look.

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