From Sigulda to Césis 

Cycling day 7/49 km

Today I was really happy to see the sun when opening the tent as the night was f***cking cold and I’m nearly to caught a cold as there were about only 7 degrees C.

Jumped in the nearby supermarket to get some food and – a Schwalbe ‘Moby Dick’ tire – not that unflatable like a Marathon Plus but a Schwalbe 😋

Cycling afterwards to the station I’ve missed to do what I usually do when I take the train – check the platform and how to reach it. So I was 3 minutes late and had to wait for the next one in 2 hours time. But there was a funny surprise – there was no water on the toilet but you’ve got free WiFi 😂

After having – again – great sweat stuff from a small bakery I started knowing that there will be some ascent and 27 km of gravel – but it was most of the time okay. Just once I’ve layed down…thankfully there was just sand and not gravel… 

Finally after 50 km I reached Césis and my booked Hotel as I need not to have that cold night again. 

Here some pics from the Gauja National Park – hope to see some more of the park tomorrow as today it was just once… 

Here you can see the church of Césis…

Here are the caves of Ligatne – great! 

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