Cycling to Riga with a rest day

Cycling day 6/100 km

Yesterday I’ve started in my small hotel in Kandava and was lucky to cycle through woods. So at midday I took a coffee and wanted to start again – and here was this ‘soft’ feeling – flat tire number 4.

I went on again with wind from behind so this was great to reach in a quick way the coast of the Baltic Sea again. Here you enter the road which guides you around the Sea – not so nice as you’re always in the woods on a big road…but – unbelievable, after about 50 km the back tire was flat again so I changed tube and tire – after that I go on and till now it works… 😬 

Entering a small town I found a shop to get some tasty sweats from a bakery – the sun was shining. But after finishing that it started to rain really heavy so I was thinking about how to deal with the wet stuff on a campingsite – but luckily they had built up a tent for me… 

So today I’ve had a guided tour through Riga and it’s a great town. Here some pics… Tomorrow I’m going to take the train to Sigulda and explore the Gauja National Park – looking forward to it.

2 thoughts on “Cycling to Riga with a rest day”

    1. Riga was a fantastic city – but not the campingsite. An absolut desaster – the only positive site was the tent they built up of camping guests….
      And the (old) train had perfect WiFi 🙂


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