A stork, 2 flat tires and a great lands and unknown wind from behind 

Cycling day 5/110 km

So finally I sit after a great dinner in my small hotel in Kansava/Latvia – but the day was – let’s say ‘interesting’.

After having a real cold night I pack my stuff together and started cycling. So it supposed to be 100 km today.  Always on good streets I first bought some bread, cheese and non-fairtrade biscuits.

As I wanted to check whether the campingsite is open I tried to use my phone first time in Latvia – but it didn’t work. So I cycled on and suddenly it felt again ‘ soft’ – damn, the rear tire again. As I’ve got now a little bit of routine I changed it. 

But what happened now? I’ve been up to 32 km/h – with a medium afford. I was really glad – today it wasn’t that cold, the sun was shining – a great cycling day.

But than there came up a sign with my destination – 10 km more than I thought. So the wind from behind was good to be in time as I’ve told the lady from the hotel I should be there around 7 pm. 

I came through Kuldiga with its famous bridge – a really modern and nice city. 

Unfortunately a few kilometers later there were again a slightly soft feeling with the tire – and yes, this was the 3. time. I think this is because of an old repair kit – hopefully. 

And I’ve seen this day many storks – fantastic animals. So, enough for today… 

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