My next trip in 2018 – from Bavaria crossing the Alps having a bath in the Adriatic Sea

My new trip in 2018 – From Bavaria to the Adriatic Sea and the Lago di Garda

This blog is about a 3-weeks-journey wich will start in June 2018.

I´m going to cycle with my recumbentbike from Bavaria to
Grado (Adriatic Sea/Italy) along the Ciclopista Alpe Adria.
It´s an outstanding cyclepath wich takes you on a 420 km trip
over the alps by using the “Tauernschleuse” train from
Bad Gastein to Mallnitz. Leaving the train you´ve got only to
roll  down to the Adriatic Sea visiting Spittal, Villach and Udine
with its ancient towns.
After a 2-days-break it will be continued at Bassano del Grappa
I´m going to reach by train.
Here we go up again into the outstanding valley of the river Brenta
wich I´ve been cycling through in 2016 on my way to Rome.
In the end you reach the Lago di Caldonazzo and follow the
valley of the river Etsch to my next stop Lago di Garda.

On my way to the nice campingsite next to Manerba located in the
southwest coast of this lake I´m going to visit Trento, Rovereto, Lazise
and of course Sirmione.
After 2 days off I´ll cross Lago di Garda by boat and continue my trip
in Garda up north. Perhaps I´m going to take a hiking-day.
Around die Lago you have a perfect surrounding by mountains
and if I´ve got a day left I´m going to use this great option to hike.

Crossing the Brennero Pass I´m going to take my way back home
so this trip will be around 1.200 km.

Looking forward to this great journey with it´s beaches and oldtowns…


My trip and the donation in the local newspaper 

I’m really happy about this great article in our local newspaper “Trostberger Tagblatt”. 

Just because of your help the online donation site collected 245,- € and a donation box in our “Trostberger Weltladen” (a small shop for fairtade and organic goods run by volunteers) was ‘fed’ with 300,- € by our costumers – absolutely fabulous! 

Thanks a lot for your support to help people in need!!! 

The long way back home from St Petersburg 

So after a last night in my cosy hostel I took my time to find the way to the harbour where St. Peterline ferries leave Russia. As I was already used to it I preferred the wide pedestrian ways and reached the terminal – of course in my wonderful rainclothes. 

Crossing the border control with my huge luggage was no problem so I took a shower in my cabin and enjoyed a last russian beer and phoning to german friends. 

As we left St Petersburg we’ve had the last views to the harbour of this great town.

Enjoying dinner in the evening I had to go to bed early as we approached Helsinki at 08:00 h – so breakfast was already at 06:30 h and it was a real pleasure to see the first small islands short before we arrived in Finnland. 

As the ferry from Russia arrived in the central harbour I had to cycle about 20 km out of town to another terminal but it was a really nice trip as I’ve had wonderful sunshine, perfect cyclepaths and a great landscape. 

Having enough time to go there I explored Helsinki – great city worth coming back to have a closer look.

And finally I had the chance to make a rest next to a small lake in the sun – enjoyed it so much after having cold and rainy weather… 😬 

After check in we had to wait about 2 1/2 h for boarding and there were german bikers I could talk to who had been traveling also to Latvia and Estonia. 

So next day we arrived in time in Lübeck in the late evening and I took a regional train into the city where my youth hostel was booked a long time ago. Great place to stay. 

But – having a look for the train next day the ticket machine told me that the train will be in time – but without a cycle compartment. Great! 😀 So on the next day a friendly lady at the ticket office told me I had to take the night train as the day trains where fully booked – with bicycles. But it was great fun as I met a cyclist from Lübeck who was starting his trip to Italy and a girl from Hamburg so we enjoyed this trip talking about recent and coming up trips. 

So finally I’ve reached my destination Traunstein 23 h later but with an huge backpack full of stories of this trip  – great to have done it!

In the end I’d like to thank all the friendly people I’ve met on this tour for accompany me and having a good time together – it was a real pleasure to hear new stories from around the world and get to know people from many corners of this cool planet! 

Thanks also again for your donations for ‘ doctors without borders’ – a great help for humans in need! 

See you soon on the road – enjoy the summer!

3 days in Petersburg 

So this is the final evening before starting my way back to Germany – and of course the forecast for tomorrow says rain… 

So on my first day off I’ve been visiting Peterhof and its fountains and taking the way back to the town by a fast (old) boat.

Yesterday there was an overview of the city on the plan which lead me along the Newski Prospekt where my hostel is situated to the Isaak Cathedral and to the river Neva. Here I’ve visited a part of the Eremitage which is called Glavnyy Shtab. 

And – as a must-see for an cyclist on the Euroroute R1 – I’ve visited the starting point of this international long-distance cyclepath – the main post office. 

So after a long day walking I jumped again in this pulsing city to have dinner and later on the evening you’ll find young musicians on the pedestrian – absolutely fabulous! 

Finally today I went into the Eremitage again but this time I’ve chosen the main building called Winter Palace. It took me about 2 hours to visit one part with an audio guide and afterwards I had booked a guided tour which lasted another 2 1/2 hours – but we were just a group of 3 so it was perfect. 

Now I was really finished but the Isaak Cathedral had to be seen as tomorrow I’m going to go into the opposite direction. Unfortunately I was a little bit late so I couldn’t visit the roof of it – but I’m not sure if I even would have been physically able to do it… 😬 

So tomorrow afternoon I’m going to catch the St Peterline ferry to Helsinki overnight, cycling out of town about 20 km to another harbour and take the ferry to Travemünde/Germany. Here I am going to sleep also in a hostel and take the train on monday morning back to my hometown which I’ll reach about at midnight – forecast says thunder and rain….:-o 

Finally I’ve jumped into the huge city – St Petersburg, you’ve got me! 

Cycling day 15/105 km

Starting in the morning in Gurlewo it was – as usual – a cloudy sky above me and I began my last cycling day…

A great breakfast prepared by an english speaking guy from Usbekistan made me ready to take these last 95 km – even at 11 Degrees C and sometimes wind from the front.

So on this trip there weren’t so many highlights but an old castle which was more or even less restaurated – the entrance fee was as high as a coffee at the station in St Petersburg… 

And the roads weren’t that bad – of course there are lots of big wholes in the street but even with a recumbent and a trailer it was no problem to get through – just to mention that as there were some stories on blogs and from other travelers… 

I’ve enjoyed cycling a last time even in the full rainclothes and the trip went by on my mind. Around tea time I’ve arrived at the old station of Peterhof and had to wait for nearly an hour. There I’ve get to know to an russian guy who is working for an internet magazine and I’ve told him about couchsurfing. 

And than, the time went by quickly, we arrived in…St Petersburg, my final destination! 

I got my stuff into the fifth floor to my hostel at the Newski Prospect and jumped into the street to get some good food! 

And of course I found an vegetarian one by coincidence – surprise, surprise!  😀 

So here you’ve got some impressions from this huge city – cycling through the chaos wasn’t that difficult than in Rome – nice surprise! 

So good night from Russia – looking forward to explore this marvelous city the next days… 

Welcome in Russia 

Cycling day 14/47 km

So today I’ve made my breakfast in the small hostel where kids were running around and the guys who drunk beer till about 1 o’clock in the morning were still sleeping. 

After buying some food I got a little bit nervous as I’ve read and heard stories of problems with cyclists crossing the border with big luggage. 

But – the estonian send me after a short conversation into the – empty – car lane I could use after that the safe pedestrian way to the russian authority. And – they were just smiling about my recumbent bike and after filling in the registration card (which didn’t exist anymore according to my travel agency!) I just went through – and here we are in RUSSIA! 

Here I’ve met a russian cyclist on his way to Talinn and we had an interesting conversation about where to cycle… 

So I went up to Iwangorod to look for an phone shop to get a sim card – and here we go.

Finally I started cycling at about 1 pm and the first stop was in the next big city called Kingisepp where I’ve visited an old church – and of course the next pics were taken with me by the locals who haven’t seen a recumbent bike yet.

After having lunch I jumped on the road – but now I’ve realized that the sunday traffic would be more than around midday – but it was okay and so many people greeted me with a smile – which I haven’t experienced by far in the other three countries. Sometimes the people even looked at you when you’ve asked a question. 

Finally I’ve finished my cycling day in Gurlewo where I’m going to spend the night in a small hostel which belongs to a filling station – but really nice, friendly english speaking people and good food 🍲!

By the way – I’ve just realized that tomorrow will be my LAST cycling day with around 95 km! I can’t believe it that this adventure – well, the cycling part – will be history tomorrow evening. 

Good night from Russia! 😀 

Last evening in europe – let’s go to Russia! 

Cycling day 12/13 62/65 km

Starting in the small town knowing that there were only about 60 km to go I took my time and visited a small local museum – already in the now everyday used ‘full rain and cold outfit’.

And likely the most days the morning was a little bit sunny – but within an hour or so you had the full service of dark clouds, chilly wind and some rain… 

So after having a cup of coffee in a small bakery I went on – but this day was really special! The strong wind came from the site and some times from the front so heavily that I couldn’t go on cycling and had to take a break in a bus stop shelter. 

So in the end I was really happy to reach my hostel where I could cook myself a meal. To my surprise the owners invited me to join the russian sauna but than I couldn’t cycle the next day. I felt into my bed and fall asleep immediately…

Today I woke up and there was sun again – but today it should shine nearly the whole day – unbelievable! 10 Degrees C!

So after only a few kilometres I had an outstanding view over the Baltic Sea. 

Visiting Sillamäe to get some coffee two guys from Oslo were crossing my way and we talked a lot about our trips and their way around the Baltic Sea Coast – a marvellous trip! 

Coming along historic places where many soldiers lost their lives I’ve seen many monuments of russian and german forces of the Second World War…. 

So in the end I’ve been arriving in Narwa where the estonian-russian border is situated. As I’ve been walking along the streets I’ve heard some music – and there was a festival with several local groups in front of the castle of Narwa – what a great last evening in europe… 

So tomorrow I’m going to cross the border to Russia and cycle to my next hostel which is about only 42 km.

Next day there will be 95 km to Peterhof on about 40 km with heavy traffic and afterwards older streets with many holes. From Peterhof to St Petersburg I’m going to take a train which will bring me right into to centre of this huge city where I’m going to carry my recumbent bike in the fifth floor to my hostel. 

Looking forward to this final adventure of this trip – next pics from St Petersburg… 

Cycling through hail, rain, sun and wind 

Cycling day 12/85 km

That morning started unbelievable – the sun was shining into my room in a wonderful wooden house and I had my breakfast on the terrace. 

But – after everything was packed I made just 2 km and a heavy shower started. So I changed my clothes about 4 times as it had  cold 8 degrees), fast wind of course from the front, sometimes wonderful sunshine – and than hail! 

So around midday there was a good opportunity to have a coffee and a sweat. 

After that the known game continued so I made lunch in Avinurme where you can see an old train and a small museum of the region. As it got even colder the museum was very welcome to me…

Finally I can book a – let’s say guest house – with the charme of the early 70s – but I’m sitting in front of the real heat and could cook my dinner in the owners kitchen as I’m the only guest – would could you expect more from a ‘summer holiday’… 😬 

From Räpina to Tartu and a day off 

Cycling day 10/73 km – Rest day 2

As I’ve started my trip yesterday a little bit late after talking to the other cyclists I found after only 15 km the perfect place to have a coffee and – again – marvelous biscuits. The tour for today was described as lonesome and boring but to be honest it was more interesting than cycling through the Gauja National Park. 

On my way the weather wasn’t that nice so I caught the opportunity to get 2 heavy rainshowers…but the city of Tartu was worth the ride. I got a room in the new Hector Design Hostel and by coincidence there was a medicine student so we went out for a beer and discussed the situation in Estonia for the people and the patients. 

The old town of Tartu is great and you can feel the vibrations of students life and the open minded people. 

So today the cyclist I’ve met two days ago showed me around the city and it was marvelous to have a local guide who grow up here. In the afternoon I’ve been exploring myself the town and a highlight was the observation tower.

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